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Collecting Louis Marx & Co. Vintage Rolykin Dalek Toys

Marx & Co. Vintage Rolykin Dalek Toys

Louis Marx & Co Rolykin Dalek Toys

Louis Marx & Co. Rolykin Dalek Toys are rare and vintage Dalek Toys. These are well worth considering for serious investors.

When Louis Marx founded his toy company in 1919. He probably never thought that some of his creations would live on into the 21st Century.

Louis Marx appeared on the cover of the 1955 Time Magazine. Described as “The Toy King” in recognition of building his company Louis Marx & Co into what was at the time, the “largest toy manufacturer in the world”.

Potted History

At the age of 76 in 1972 Louis Marx sold his toy company to Quaker Oats. Three years later it was sold to the British firm of Dunbee-Combex. Unfortunately in the abscence of Marx’ vision, the company suffered a dramatic decline until the end of the last production run in 1978. the company went into bankruptcy in 1980.

During the heydays of the company even the Daleks where immortalised. Initially made in 1965 and licenced directly by the BBC and carrying the ‘by MARX’ mark. These very early Rolykin Dalek Toys are now quite rare to get hold of still in packaging, and definately carry the vintage premium.

Even the later Rolykins offerings licenced via Product Enterprise Ltd are sought after collectables.

Although the rights to produce the Marx toys could be passed on and potentially re-issued as Renaissance collectables, you can be rest assured that if you are lucky to find good condition originals, that they will be a shrewd collector investment.

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Collecting CORGI Dalek Figures – A potted History of CORGI

Potted History

Corgi, one of Britain’s best known brands. The leading name in die-cast scale models for over 40 years. Makers of CORGI Dalek Figures amongst thousands of other famous model vehicles and figures.

Corgi’s famous model vehicles that were once simply toys for boys, are now highly regarded as collectable models. CORGI models are sought-after in the expanding collectibles market.

Some vintage models that are in mint condition and still complete with box and which originally sold for just a few shillings in the 60’s can now fetch a few hundred pounds in the collectors auctions.

Today, the majority of Corgi models are produced as Limited Editions runs that are often sold out within weeks of being released. While the high prices always grab the media headlines, it is very easy to start a hobby collecting die-cast scale models and many vehicles, and figures can be acquired for just a few pounds, including the vintage offerings.

The Corgi brand was launched on the 9th July 1956 by the Mettoy Company of Northampton, and is currently owned by Hornby Hobbies.

There is a very wide and long catalogue of past creations through the years that is well worth collecting. CORGI Dalek Figures and Doctor Who related items are very sought after. The special commemorative Doctor Who sets are especially good investments for collectors of CORGI Dalek Figures.

A good amount of Corgi models tend to turn up on ebay at some point, so keep your eyes peeled for a bargain if you’re lucky. But be warned that you should also expect to pay a fair sum for great condition and mint in box items because these can be quite high in value with some CORGI Limited Edition figures fetching over £700 at auctions.

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Dapol Dalek Models

A Potted History of Dapol…

Dapol Ltd are a Welsh company known throughout the World for its model railway products and plastic kits, founded in 1983.

However, from 1987 ending in 2001 Dapol diversified and also produced a wide range of Doctor Who models.

This included some re-issued 1960’s Louis Marx models, many of which are now considered highly collectable, which can be seen quite regularly on ebay.

In 2002 the BBC declined to renew the Doctor Who product licenses, but up until 2003 Dapol also hosted the ‘BBC Doctor Who Experience’ exhibition.

The Dapol Project is a historical WWW initiative to document all the Doctor Who related items manufactured By Dapol during the Dapol DrWho days, this is hosted at and is an invaluable source of information on these products.